BSC is a family-owned and operated business with more than 35 years of experience in the furniture and slipcover industry. Over the past four decades, BSC has built a solid reputation as an honest, reliable and hardworking company that is proud of the tailoring, quality and attention to detail that is put into each piece of furniture.

Our bench-built frames are offered slipcovered or upholstered for the same price. Multiple cushion configurations, skirt styles, and welt options are available for each frame and sofa beds or swivel rockers are available on select frames. Additionally, BSC offers custom sizing and frame-making for an additional charge. BSC also has an extensive custom pillow program as well as a selection of slipcovered or upholstered headboards.

Frame Construction
All frames are constructed by hand in the BSC warehouse in Los Angles using kiln-dried Alder wood. No particle board or soft woods are used. Each frame is double dowelled, corner blocked, glued and stapled using industrial grade metal staples. Many pieces feature legs that are built into the frame, while other frame legs are screwed into corner blocks so they can be removed for ease of furniture installation. Heavy-duty 8-guage, no-sag, sinuous springs are hand applied to the front and back rails of the frame and then clamped together with wire to prevent the springs from shifting. The springs are tied to the side rails of each piece to further eliminating any spring movement.

Careful attention is given to the padding of each piece. Defining edge rolls are used to ensure well defined, soft edges. Layers of cotton and polyurethane are hand fitted over jute webbing and covered with Dacron padding for additional cushioning before applying the fabric.

All seat cushions are constructed by hand, with fill blown into individually stitched baffles. Seat cushions feature a feather-locked zippered envelope that is fitted with a HR foam core. Back cushions are solid, inside of a baffled feather-locked ticking.

BSC offers three levels of seating options, BSC Featherloft, BSC Trillium and BSC Luxe All frames come standard with BSC Featherloft unless otherwise specified. Both BSC Trillium and BSC Luxe are additional charges.
  • BSC Featherloft fill is mixture of 50% Cluster Fiber, 45% goose feather and 5% goose down.
  • BSC Trillium is a hypoallergenic, down-alternative that looks and feels like down and feather but retains its shape over a longer period of time.
  • BSC Luxe is the most luxurious seating option BSC offer’s, a mixture of 10% goose down and 90% goose feather.
An additional hypoallergenic alternative to Featherloft is available upon request, without upcharge. Regular care extends the life of the cushions. Flipping and fluffing will help keep them looking and feeling like new. No ticking is leak proof, so occasionally a small feather or quill might sneak through the ticking.

BSC offers more than 200 fabrics, of which more than 90% are machine washable. Fabrics that can be washed are pre-washed and hot dried prior to cutting, eliminating most shrinkage.

Professional dry cleaning or laundering is always the safest method of cleaning slipcovers. However, if the fabric for a slipcover has been pre-washed, the slipcover may be machined washed at home. Use only a mild detergent in cold water and very low heat to dry. Replace on furniture while slightly damp.

Fabric updates are distributed two to four times per year. Customers maintaining Stocking Dealer status will receive updates at no charge. Non-Stocking customers can purchase updates for $100 per set.

BSC works with fabric mills from around the world. When selecting textiles for our furniture, we only purchase fabrics that pass stringent industry standards. Different fabrics have inherent characteristics that are part of their uniqueness, such as color variation, slubs, or natural fiber fabrics and grains. Most woven fabrics will show wear due to friction from use. Pilling, the formation of little balls of fuzz on the surface of fabric, can occur with normal use. The occurrence of pilling depends on several factors, including the type of fiber, the weave, the construction of the fabric itself, and the type of application the fabric receives. BSC makes every possible effort to test for wearability and tries to identify fabrics that may pill excessively. However, some fabrics will pill more than others depending on their use. We cannot determine what type of application will produce pilling. In addition, we cannot control the wear our furniture will receive in the home.